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Funny Nepali Quotations

Nepali Funny Shivaratri Facebook Status

Shivaratri status can be found in various Nepalese Facebook Walls. If you are looking for a Facebook Status which is funny and satirical to girls then you can use this funny Nepali status in your Facebook. Best Nepali Vines is the website where you can get all Nepali funny statuses for Facebook. Though this is funny Nepali quotation which is suitable for boys who want to satire girls who are using Facebook instead of worshiping god Shiva. Shivaratri is one of the famous festival for Hindu religious Nepalese people. In this occasion everybody worship Shiva Lingam.

हे, स्त्री हो ! Facebook मा नानाथरी Status लेख्नुभन्दा तामा को थाली मा ॐ लेखी शिवजी को ब्रत बस, म जस्तै स्वामी पाउनेछौ !

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Easiest Way To Earn Money

Do you want to earn easy money? If yes then this post is for you.
Who is there in this materialized world, who don’t want to earn money? Obviously all human being want to earn money. There are so many ways to earn money. Some of them might be easy to perform and others may be difficult to perform. In this picture you can get the idea to earn money easily. I think this is the easiest easiest way to earn money. LOL ! This picture was found in Nepal. As bestnepalivines has been bringing you Nepali funny pictures,quotes and Nepali funny videos for you, this picture is also one of the best funny Nepali picture. If you want to watch our other collections of Nepali funny pictures then you can watch on this website.

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