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Why You No Like and No Comment ?

When anybody posts anything on their Facebook wall then they definitely expect to get more likes or/and comments on that posts. Due to so many factors people can’t get enough likes or comments then they posts a picture like this. This picture can be used to post in Facebook wall or Facebook comments to satire those people who watch your posts but never gives a like or never leaves a comment. is here to provide you funniest Nepali pictures with their explanations to make you giggle. Watch other funny pictures below. Continue reading

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Dumb Praying In Nepali

Visit here to view lots of Nepali funny pictures which you can share on Facebook. Click on the other pictures below to view those pictures in full.

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Hey Goddess Saraswati,I don’t know nothing, please book us in topper’s list,you are not going to loose anything. How many times I need to be dumb in my exams,I have lost som much money while feeling re-sit exam forms, Please goddess Saraswati. Continue reading

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