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Are You Pure Brahmin?

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Brahman is the person who normally use a SHANKHA while worshiping the god. To be honest I have tried so many times to play SHANKHA but couldn’t played well enough. You need to have strong lung for a forceful pressure of air through it to play well. Of course when you are having diarrhea then you can’t play Shankha. Continue reading

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This is Why You Need Land Line Phone

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I still remember those days when we used to share a land line telephone for a whole society. When somebody called we needed to find out who he or she wants to talk to. That was the good old days when there was no mobile phones. Nowadays you can see almost everybody has got their own mobile phone set with them all the time. Even when they go to the bathroom they take their mobile phone with them and they say they wanted to utilize their time while having poo. This is technology boy, technology. You will have to follow to all the latest technology otherwise you will be outdated but if you follow technology then your pocket will be out of money. Choice is yours ! Continue reading

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Nepali Load-shedding Song

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Though Nepal is the third richest country for water resources, Nepali citizens are still facing the blackout almost everyday. Basically there are lots of water resources but due to political instability the country is unable to take the most out of it to glitter the country. Country has got the resources and capability but still no body knows the what is the obstacle to stop the country getting developed. Anyway, enjoy the Nepali load-shedding song.

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Not Even One Girlfriend ! WTF

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I personally never created any social media to get a girlfriend but there are so many boys and girls who sign in to social media sites to look for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Above picture shows the real pathetic thinking of a boy who never succeed to get a girlfriend after creating id on so many popular social media sites. You can visit for funny Nepali pictures which yo can share on your Facebook to make your friends laugh. In this website you can get lots of funny Nepali pictures with funny quotations,Nepali Facebook comment pictures etc.

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