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Are You Selecting Girls To Get Married?


नेपाली रमाइलो फोटो हेर्नुहोस ! Arrange Marriage in Nepal.

Maximum number of people in Nepal are practicing arrange marriage. In arrange marriage normally a boy who is looking for a girl to get married goes to girl’s house to look her. If both of them liked each other then they may want to talk to each other. Finally if both family as well as boy and girl liked each other then they decide to get married and fix the date for the engagement and marriage ceremony. Continue reading

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उपियाँ र रुपियाँ उस्तै उस्तै हो ……


उपियाँ र रुपियाँ उस्तै उस्तै हो ……लोल

Yes. Literally it is true. It is very hard to warn money. People who try to get short-cuts to earn money get rejected soon or later. So, yeah this picture is worth sharing on your Facebook wall. You can view our other funny Nepali pictures below and if you want you can share these pictures on your Facebook as well.

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Mom and Dad Are Greatest So….


संसारमा आमा बाबु सबै भन्दा ठुलो हुन तेसैले ……..लोल !

Mom and dad are the greatest assets of anyone. You can never buy a mom or dad with your money. Your parents are the only living god. I am not only copying and pasting the quotations about parents but I am writing the truth. So you should always respect your mom and dad. You might only realize this fact once you become a mom or dad of your child. This picture is a funny Nepali picture which is saying – Mom and dad are the great so get yourself married and become a mom or dad. Lol ! In coming search terms : Nepali funny picture, funny Nepali picture, Nepali Facebook comment pictures, Facebook comment picture Nepali, Nepali Facebook funny pictures etc.

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Film VS Reality !


फिल्म र बास्तबिक जीवन को फरक !

Film is a well played form of a story. Some of those story may replicate the real story which had ever happened and some of them may be the imaginative story. Fictional and non fictional stories included in a movie. According to the picture you can see a Hero impressing a girl with a simple touch but it never happens in a real life. Incoming search term : funny nepali pictures, nepali funny pictures, nepali funny comment pictures, nepali comment pictures, comment pictures in nepali etc. Continue reading

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