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Valentines Day Quotation in Nepali

Happy Valentines Day Quotations In Nepali

happy valentines day nepali boy and girlHappy Valentine’s Day

Valentines day is celebrated in 14th of February every year. In Nepali valentines day is called “PRANAY DIWAS” . Basically, this day have been thought to be special day to lovers. Many of boys or girls propose on this day to their affairs. Happily dating couple celebrates this day by going to special places like restaurants, parks etc and most of them buy some loving gifts to their lovers. Actually, valentines day is to celebrate and spread Love with your loving ones. Most of us share happy valentines quotation on our Facebook on valentines day. If you are Nepalese then you might be looking for valentine quotation written in Nepali. If you are looking for a unique and sweet Happy Valentines Quotation for your Facebook status then here is one best valentines day (Pranay Diwas) quote for you, which you can share on your Facebook. Continue reading

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Maghe Sankranti Quote In Nepali

happy_maghe_sankranti_qoutes_in_nepaliAre you looking for a Maghe Sankranti Quote in a picture in Nepali Language? You might be searching for it to post it in your Facebook. If so then you are in right place. Here you can find a really nice picture which you can use in your Facebook profile or in cover picture while Nepali festival Maghe (Makar) Sankranti. In Maghe Sankranti Hindu religious people eat Tilko Laddo, Chaku and Ghee (Ghyu). Normally this festival falls on January (in English calender), as in Nepalese calender it falls on 1st of Magh so its called Maghe Sankranti. You can get other festival quotations as well as pictures on this site. Hope you have found a proper Nepali quotation picture which you were looking for. Wish you happy Maghe (Makar) Sankranti !

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