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nepali funny quoteUp on growing these social networking sites and mobile phones people are busy chatting with each other via means of technology rather than real individual conversation. Previously, if somebody comes in your house then he/she used to knock on your door or used to push door bell but nowadays if somebody comes in your house then he/she takes out his/her mobile and calls you or texts you to open the door. From this example you should know enough how technology has made us a slave. So, lets concentrate over the topic. People try to write text messages in shortest possible way if possible during texting or chatting. Here this picture has provided a satire to those who don’t type full words by asking them what will you do by saving your 2 seconds by escaping few words in your message?  Literally Yes, if you are in really hurry then it does make sense but in most of the cases what might be the situation is, people write texts messages in shortest forms as if they are really in hurry or busy then they go to a coffee shop to kill the time waiting their friend. You could have typed full sentence properly you dumb!

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