Mom and Dad Are Greatest So….

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संसारमा आमा बाबु सबै भन्दा ठुलो हुन तेसैले ……..लोल !

Mom and dad are the greatest assets of anyone. You can never buy a mom or dad with your money. Your parents are the only living god. I am not only copying and pasting the quotations about parents but I am writing the truth. So you should always respect your mom and dad. You might only realize this fact once you become a mom or dad of your child. This picture is a funny Nepali picture which is saying – Mom and dad are the great so get yourself married and become a mom or dad. Lol ! In coming search terms : Nepali funny picture, funny Nepali picture, Nepali Facebook comment pictures, Facebook comment picture Nepali, Nepali Facebook funny pictures etc.