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2 Seconds – Nepali Funny Quote

nepali funny quoteUp on growing these social networking sites and mobile phones people are busy chatting with each other via means of technology rather than real individual conversation. Previously, if somebody comes in your house then he/she used to knock on your door or used to push door bell but nowadays if somebody comes in your house then he/she takes out his/her mobile and calls you or texts you to open the door. From this example you should know enough how technology has made us a slave. So, lets concentrate over the topic. People try to write text messages in shortest possible way if possible during texting or chatting. Here this picture has provided a satire to those who don’t type full words by asking them what will you do by saving your 2 seconds by escaping few words in your message?  Literally Yes, if you are in really hurry then it does make sense but in most of the cases what might be the situation is, people write texts messages in shortest forms as if they are really in hurry or busy then they go to a coffee shop to kill the time waiting their friend. You could have typed full sentence properly you dumb! Continue reading

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We Do Everything Here…

This is the picture of one of the advertisement board found somewhere in Nepal. Actually this is a hotel where you can get typical Nepali dishes. May be this hotel business owner wanted to increase the income of this hotel, he decided to add some more extra services which will be provided in this hotel. As a result he added some other services to his customers like pressure cooker maintenance, as well as some therapy for back ache. Unbelievable, isn’t it ? Can you get these kind of services in a hotel anywhere in this earth ? Probably not . Continue reading

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Funny Nepali Pictures Nepali Funny Picture

Nepali Funny Facebook Comment Pictures Of Dayahang Rai



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Here you can watch and share these Nepali funny Facebook comment pictures on your Facebook comments. Stay with us to get more pictures. In this list you can get a number of funny picture of Dayahang Rai. You can watch our all other funny pictures which are suitable for Facebook comment as well as post. Continue reading

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Are You Selecting Girls To Get Married?


नेपाली रमाइलो फोटो हेर्नुहोस ! Arrange Marriage in Nepal.

Maximum number of people in Nepal are practicing arrange marriage. In arrange marriage normally a boy who is looking for a girl to get married goes to girl’s house to look her. If both of them liked each other then they may want to talk to each other. Finally if both family as well as boy and girl liked each other then they decide to get married and fix the date for the engagement and marriage ceremony. Continue reading

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उपियाँ र रुपियाँ उस्तै उस्तै हो ……


उपियाँ र रुपियाँ उस्तै उस्तै हो ……लोल

Yes. Literally it is true. It is very hard to warn money. People who try to get short-cuts to earn money get rejected soon or later. So, yeah this picture is worth sharing on your Facebook wall. You can view our other funny Nepali pictures below and if you want you can share these pictures on your Facebook as well.

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Film VS Reality !


फिल्म र बास्तबिक जीवन को फरक !

Film is a well played form of a story. Some of those story may replicate the real story which had ever happened and some of them may be the imaginative story. Fictional and non fictional stories included in a movie. According to the picture you can see a Hero impressing a girl with a simple touch but it never happens in a real life. Incoming search term : funny nepali pictures, nepali funny pictures, nepali funny comment pictures, nepali comment pictures, comment pictures in nepali etc. Continue reading

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Funny Nepali Pictures Nepali Funny Picture

Are You Pure Brahmin?

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nepali funny picture

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Brahman is the person who normally use a SHANKHA while worshiping the god. To be honest I have tried so many times to play SHANKHA but couldn’t played well enough. You need to have strong lung for a forceful pressure of air through it to play well. Of course when you are having diarrhea then you can’t play Shankha. Continue reading

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This is Why You Need Land Line Phone

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I still remember those days when we used to share a land line telephone for a whole society. When somebody called we needed to find out who he or she wants to talk to. That was the good old days when there was no mobile phones. Nowadays you can see almost everybody has got their own mobile phone set with them all the time. Even when they go to the bathroom they take their mobile phone with them and they say they wanted to utilize their time while having poo. This is technology boy, technology. You will have to follow to all the latest technology otherwise you will be outdated but if you follow technology then your pocket will be out of money. Choice is yours ! Continue reading

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Nepali Load-shedding Song

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Though Nepal is the third richest country for water resources, Nepali citizens are still facing the blackout almost everyday. Basically there are lots of water resources but due to political instability the country is unable to take the most out of it to glitter the country. Country has got the resources and capability but still no body knows the what is the obstacle to stop the country getting developed. Anyway, enjoy the Nepali load-shedding song.

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Not Even One Girlfriend ! WTF

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I personally never created any social media to get a girlfriend but there are so many boys and girls who sign in to social media sites to look for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Above picture shows the real pathetic thinking of a boy who never succeed to get a girlfriend after creating id on so many popular social media sites. You can visit for funny Nepali pictures which yo can share on your Facebook to make your friends laugh. In this website you can get lots of funny Nepali pictures with funny quotations,Nepali Facebook comment pictures etc.

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Why You No Like and No Comment ?

When anybody posts anything on their Facebook wall then they definitely expect to get more likes or/and comments on that posts. Due to so many factors people can’t get enough likes or comments then they posts a picture like this. This picture can be used to post in Facebook wall or Facebook comments to satire those people who watch your posts but never gives a like or never leaves a comment. is here to provide you funniest Nepali pictures with their explanations to make you giggle. Watch other funny pictures below. Continue reading

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Dumb Praying In Nepali

Visit here to view lots of Nepali funny pictures which you can share on Facebook. Click on the other pictures below to view those pictures in full.

English Version:

Hey Goddess Saraswati,I don’t know nothing, please book us in topper’s list,you are not going to loose anything. How many times I need to be dumb in my exams,I have lost som much money while feeling re-sit exam forms, Please goddess Saraswati. Continue reading

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नत्र टुस फर्केला

Actually I don’t know the meaning of “TUS”, but I am sure that it must have a funny meaning. In you can get regular dose of Nepali and non Nepali funny pictures which you can share in your Facebook wall or use them for your Facebook comments. If you have got funny pictures then you can send us in our Facebook page so that we can feature them in this website including your name. Enjoy! Continue reading

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नेपाली Angry Bird Game

A picture which I had seen in one notice board somewhere. I really liked the creativity and captured the picture. This is named and Nepali Angry Bird Game. You must have known about angry bird and it’s popularity. So the artist predicts, if angry bird was created in Nepal then how it would be designed.

If you have got to say anything about this picture then please comment below else share it with your friends. Enjoy Nepali Angry Bird Gaming!!! Continue reading

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Meaningful $ex Outcome

This is one saying about a husband and wife. In the recent days we can see the uses of mobile phone in Nepal has increased so in this saying writer has compared a couple’s relationship with a call of the mobile phone.

If a couple get a son then it’s an incoming call ( boy will bring a wife and dowry ), if couple get a daughter then it’s outgoing call ( girl has to go with her husband )

and if the wife couldn’t get pregnant after a relationship then it’s only missed call. In Nepal Dating a girl or dating a boy is not common thing to do. Even though dating is not common boys and girls are dating each other day by day secretly. Continue reading

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Careful You Teej People

Rajesh is a famous cartoonist from Nepal. In this picture you can clearly see what he is trying to convey to those women who wear lots of jewelry in Teej. From thief’s point of view they are happy to see those woman wearing such ornaments. As we have been reading lots of news about burglary during Teej, woman are still showing off their jewelry to lure a thief.  In my point of view people should ban those woman who wear such an expensive ornaments in social program being held during Teej. What is your opinion ?

Continue reading

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Corrupted Currency

Though Nepal has become a newest republican country, a cartoonist Rabin Sayami had created this cartoon using the Old Nepalese currency where you can get King Gyanendra on the currency. This picture is trying to emphasize on corrupted Nepal. If you love your country then you must help your country to eradicate corruption, so that you can get your country well managed and rich. Continue reading

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Never Marry A Programmer !

If you are planning to marry a computer programmer then you must watch this picture and recon how he would be treating you when you need a sensual stuff. As I am also being a sort of computer addicted person I can guarantee you that I also do the same sometime.  This technology is ruining people’s life isn’t it. People are involving to virtual life more than a real social life. people prefer rather being on social media like Facebook than meeting the people in a gathering and talk to them in real life. What do you say? Continue reading

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Girl’s T-Shirt Be Like

Girl’s T-Shirt Be Like

Nepali Funny pictures for Facebook. Share in your Facebook wall.

Nepal is a country with self respect and Nepal has never been ruled by any other country. One thing always used to come is why all Nepalese watch Indian movies, serials and other television programs but wear a t-shirt saying ” I Love Nepal ” ? Answer is so simple. Because its just a fashion but not the real respect to their own country. Anyway, fashion is also a part of a person’s life. So everybody has got their own right to select their fashion, style. However, my concern is with those who just pretend to be a very good citizen but supports foreign products. Anyway, who the hell I am to say like that? No offense. Peace ! Enjoy. Continue reading

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Romantic Love Letter :p

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Ever happened to you?

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First of all LOL! I don’t know how to start. This is a true story which had happened to me when I was in my school. In Nepal if you want to buy “Chatpate” then you can get chatpate in paper ( normally in the piece of newspaper). Obviously there are nobody who will look for the proper place to throw that piece of paper after finishing all chatpate. So if you behind your crush and she threw a piece pf paper near to you then you might think that, the pice of paper might be a love letter for you. Eventually, when you see that piece of paper to find out what is that actually, you will find that out as a normal piece of paper which had been used to eat chatpate. Continue reading

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