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Funny Nepali Quotations

Funny Swasthani Quote For Nepali Girls

Read Nepali funny quotation which can be used as your Facebook status during Swasthani brata time period. Swasthani brata is a famous festival of Hindu Nepalese citizen. During this time period Hindu do fasting and listen Swasthani brata katha (motivational Story). Though this funny quotation can be used for Shivaratri as well. If you want to use this Nepali funny quote during Shivaratri you only need to replace word Swasthani with Shivaratri. This quote is suitable for a male to satire Facebook user females. Nepali Funny Quote for Swasthani

हे, स्त्री हो ! Facebook मा नानाथरी Status लेख्नुभन्दा तामा को थाली मा ॐ लेखी श्री स्वस्थानीको ब्रत बस, म जस्तै स्वामी पाउनेछौ !

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